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Floral Symphony: Bidding Adieu to Summer at The Colonial, San Antonio, FL

The styled photoshoot at the Sunset at Colonial located about 1 hour north of Tampa, was a collaborative effort between event professionals who were eager to showcase their creative talents. The inspiration for the florals in this photoshoot stemmed from moody stripes of pinks and oranges that we all cherish in a Florida sunset. I don't always work with bright colors so when Jenn from J. Arnold photography approached me with the mood board I was so excited.

Laura Perez Photography

The Process

When choosing flowers, one of the main aspects I tend to focus on is the message it will present in a designed arrangement. In this case, Coral Charm peonies and juliet garden roses were chosen to be focal flowers. These focal flowers were full of colors and made a "loud" statement within the overall design. Because I knew these focal flowers were bold, my secondary and fillers flowers were chosen to be accents to complement the focal flowers.

Hanging Chandelier

This sunset ombré designed hanging chandelier was the focal point in this meeting room at the Colonial Venue. Peaches and bright fuschia adorned this chandelier to follow the sunset theme. As always, I strive to have a whimsical and garden aesthetic to all my designs. One of my favorite ways to do this is include whimsical greens such as pennycress, used here. Another way that I'm able to achieve the whimsical aesthetic is to use chicken wire instead of foam.

The fun part of this styled shoot was that photographers were able to take turns to be able to capture their favorite viewpoint through their lens.

Floral Hairpiece

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden hue over the charming landscapes of San Antonio, FL, the flowers on this stunning hairpiece were able to shine. Something that I am trying to do is push myself to do more unique floral pieces. With using wire and glue, this hairpiece was sturdy enough for the model to wear for hours. I think floral hairpieces are such a fun way to express yourself, especially when the colors are fun!

"So Long Summer" was more than just a photoshoot—it was an opportunity to create pieces that I have been wanting to add to my portfolio for sometime now. I am super grateful to all the vendors and photographers that collaborated together to make this day possible.


Hosts: and capturingjoyphotofl

Models: Samantha Flores Josselin soltero Eshas Worlddd

Venue: @colonialatsunset

HMUA: @alisonmakesup @Karynnmalburg_hair

Dress/Suit jacket: @ardenbridal

Floral Arch Decor: @plushpetalsrentals

Stationery: @papermajik.designevents

Florist: @flor_soul_

Officiant @juniperandlaneco

Table Decor: @flockdecor

Table Rentals: @Tablefortenrentals

Dog Care: @fairytail_petcare

Cake: @Cowanscustomcakes

Photo Booth: @ad360productions

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